Live @ Hardpulz Bar #06

Last friday, 2nd of June 2017, the Hardpulz team was doing the sixth edition of his Hardpulz Bar. Hardstyle, Hardcore, Rawcore, lot of « hard » music, heavy BPM, and no concession. This edition was the occasion of an historical travel through the early age of the « hard » music, and so they asked me to do the opening with huge Hardtrance tracks. This was a real challenge for me as my latest hardtrance mix was dated from february 2012 in Another World 115. So I took up the challenge, and here is the result: one hour of pure Hardtrance hits, from Kai Tracid to Yoji Biomehanika, from Scot Project to Cosmic Gate & many more …


  1. Marc La Cruz & Ace Da Brain – Eriel (Marc La Cruz Mix)
  2. Kai Tracid- 4 Just 1 Day (Energy Mix)
  3. Joop – Act Of God (Hard Trance Edit)
  4. Kai Tracid – Conscious (Energy Mix)
  5. Cosmic Gate – Hardcore (Club Mix)
  6. Scot Project – U (Mark Sherry Outburst Mix)
  7. John Askew – The Witch (Indecent Noise Hard Mix)
  8. Dave 202 – Vulcania (Yoji Biomehanika and Romeo Toscani Remix)
  9. Sa.Vee.Oh – Nohacker.exe (Original Mix)
  10. Mauro Picotto – Iguana 2004 (Yoji Biomehanika’s Hellhouse Remix)
  11. Remo-Con – G-Sigh
  12. Chi-Gu Kom – R4d10 St4r (Aex Remix)

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