Live @ Dark Side #02

The 15th of September I had the chance to mix at the Dark Side #02, a trance party created & hosted by the french artist Evâa Pearl. The objective of Dark Side is too explore all the « dark » aspect of all kind of trance music, from uplifting to hard, including psychedelic too. While I could do an uplifting mix, closing the event required some more punchy music, so I played some very psychedelic trance.

Big thanks to all the people who dance to end of the night ! Enjoy the mix !


  1. Talamasca & Ivan Castro – Shared Experience (Original Mix)
  2. Mad Maxx & Impulser – Fundamental Resonance (Original Mix)
  3. Stryker & Starlab – Ilbechin (Original Mix)
  4. Bionix – Preacher (Original Mix)
  5. Electric Gene – The Secret Of The Druid (Akasha Remix)
  6. Talamasca & Ivan Castro – Uprising Tribute To Muse (Original Mix)v
  7. Mad Tribe & Alpha Portal – Sky High (Original Mix)
  8. Modus & GeneTrick – Ambedo (Original Mix)
  9. Avalon – Distant Futures (Spinal Fusion Remix)
  10. Astrix – Sahara (Original Mix)
  11. Avalon & Waio – Shiva (Original Mix)
  12. Akasha & Space Travel – Cosmic Nature (Original Mix)
  13. Talamasca – Winter Tale (Original Mix)

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